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Reconnect with the deep wisdom of your inner temple and follow your soul’s calling

Sacred Feminine Power

Free Your Feminine Power. Free Yourself.

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100 % Unique

Handmade with love.
Every single piece of the Nalina Wild Collection is 100 % unique. Not only every single creation, but every single gemstone has its own individual energies and characteristics that brings exactly the change into your life that you need.

It's Supporting You

Nalina Wild Jewelry is no ordinary jewelry.
Every single piece of jewelry is just waiting to unfold its effect. Each jewelry has the energy to support you in different life situations and challenges, on your very own life path.

This way they are a meaningful, magical gift for very special people, as a companion in their lives.

Real Gemstones & Crystals

Highest quality in every component.
We use only genuine gemstones, crystals, silver and gold elements. All materials used are vegan and as environmentally friendly as possible. 

As you begin to love yourself, you will realise that pain and suffering are just warning signs that you are living against your inner truth.

To make your jewelry even more personal you can order a customized piece or even create your own jewelry at one of our workshops.

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